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Are you dealing with a patient who you believe could benefit being treated by Reading Dental Sedation Clinic who have extensive experience when dealing with patients who are frightened of the dentist? We specialise in treating nervous and phobic patients. If you think your patient is displaying signs of distress or anxiety whilst undergoing treatment, please let us know so we can inform them of our IV sedation techniques.

Reading Dental Sedation Clinic is happy to accept patient referrals from dentists throughout Southern England.


When requesting a referral for one of your patients, please ensure that you complete the referral form to enable us to carry out the dental treatment.

Patient Referrals

Treatment under IV sedation

  • Complete patient details

  • Patient's contact numbers

  • Relevant x-rays

  • Full medical history

  • Detailed charting of required treatment

  • Specific plan of required treatment

  • Patient referral form


For more information or to discuss a potential patient contact us today.

Information required:

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Want to discuss a patient referral? Please call Reading Dental Sedation Clinic on:  

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